We Restore Antiques!Prices May Vary

    Do you have antique photographs or frames that have been damaged over the years? We have the ability to digitally repair damaged images, restore and preserve the originals, and even repair damaged framework. Bring your treasure with you next time you’re in the gallery. We’d love to give you a free consultation!

We coordinate commissions! Prices May Vary

    Have a favorite picture that you’d love to turn into a painting? Come see us! Since a majority of our artists are local, we have the opportunity to build a close artist-customer relationship, allowing us to “special order” paintings upon request. Stop by today with an idea or photograph, select the artist you’d like to work with, see how we can create a painting just for you!


Archival Framing ElementsPrices May Vary

    We are committed to providing you with high quality custom framing. To preserve your valuable art, photographs, and documents, we use only archival products. It is imperative to protect special objects and photographs from the acid that is present in all regular paper, wood and cardboard. As a result, any art or photos that were framed more than ten years ago may need to be inspected and updated to acid-free archival standards. Without this update, they will eventually yellow and deteriorate over time. We have years of experience framing a large variety of objects…from paintings to photographs to shadowboxes of sport jerseys and family heirlooms…we take great pride in preserving your cherished possessions.

Canvas Stretching

    Whether you’ve purchased an original oil on vacation, had a family photo printed on canvas, or maybe even have an original piece of your own to show off, we can stretch it for you, even if it’s a custom size!

We also block and stretch textiles such as needlepoints, tapestries and cross-stitch. Bring your items in to the gallery today to find out how we can turn your treasures into masterpieces!

Custom Framing Design free with custom framing

    In addition to using archival products in our framing, we offer custom designing of your artwork. Our sales associates are current on design trends and can fit your custom framing to your specific taste and needs.

Home Visit and Consultation – $60 an hour

    The best kind of service is personalized service… and by doing this we can help give your home that special feeling you’ve been craving. Our consultants will be happy to meet you at your home for a consultation, offering their knowledge of hanging new or existing artwork, measuring for new art pieces, as well as personally picking up your large items for re-designing at the Gallery. By seeing your overall space we can help you pull it all together, using your existing items and by helping you find that new something special. These visits allow us to create a design that will fit your home’s décor and theme. Call us today to set your appointment.

Hanging Service – $60 an hour

    Once you’ve found that perfect piece of artwork, we will be happy to come to your home, office, or special event to hang any art that you would like to put on display. We can even help you re-arrange your current artwork. Our consultants are skilled in the placement of art based on both size and color in relation to your décor.

Connection With Regional and Worldwide Art

    We carry a wide variety art by locally, regionally and internationally recognized artists. We also feature a wide variety of mediums, styles, sizes and price ranges. The Gallery is constantly changing, with new art coming in every week. Be sure to stop by frequently to see what’s new. Our goal is to offer artwork to fit all lifestyles and budgets, so you are sure to find the perfect piece for your space that is friendly to your wallet as well!

On Approval – free with card imprint

    It’s not always possible to know that a piece of art will fit in your home or office space. We offer an “on approval” service to serious customers interested in trying a piece in their space. This helps our clients know for sure that the art will work in the place they have in mind…. And gives them confidence in knowing they’ve found that perfect piece… or not! All that is required is a credit card number and signature to keep in a secure file, and the artwork is available to try out for 3-5 business days free of charge. If the piece works, we finalize on the transaction by card, check or cash. If the piece doesn’t work, you simply bring it back and we continue to search for the perfect piece and our file with your personal information on it is destroyed for your protection. Our clients love having this option available as it gives them peace of mind knowing they’re making the right decision.

On Hold – Free Service

    If you see a piece that interests you and you would like to come back in to see again before purchasing, we can place it on hold for five days. The piece will be put away with your name on it until we either hear from you or the five days have passed. This is a great way to give you an opportunity to think about the piece and ensure it is still here when you want to purchase it.

Layaway – 3 Months To Pay

    When you have determined you wish to purchase a piece, you may place it on layaway with us and we will hold your piece for three months. We take your total price and divide that into 3 payments…with the initial 33% down payment, you’ll have a payment due each month for the remaining 2 months with the final payment due on the date to remove from layaway. This is an excellent option for the budget conscious customer to still enjoy our valuable art.

Photo Reprints and Giclees

    Do you have an old family photo that you’d like to have more of but it was WAY before digital copies were even a thought? Bring it to us and we can have it scanned and re-printed as a high-quality reproduction in any size and with as many copies as you’d like. Maybe you have a family photo from vacation last year that would be a great centerpiece over your fireplace. Let us print it on canvas for you! We can even digitally alter it to make it a unique piece of art.

Are you an artist with an original that you’d love to sell copies of? Bring it in and we can have as many reproductions printed as you would like. (Just make sure it’s original to YOU! Reproducing an image that is not yours is Copyright Infringement, and we don’t want that!)

Return policy

    We want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase…which is why we provide the “on approval” service, giving you the opportunity to be certain that you love the art in your space before you purchase. By doing this, we don’t have returns because our clients are happy! We do not allow returns on any custom framing. We do, however, warranty our work. If you have trouble with any piece you’ve purchased, let us know. We want you to be completely confident and satisfied in doing business with us. We do allow exchanges or a gallery credit in the event that an item is purchased for a gift and the recipient would like to exchange it for another item. This does not apply to custom framing. All clearance and sale items are final.

Gift Certificates

    Who doesn’t love gift certificates? We provide gift certificates for your convenience and they can be purchased for any amount. The gift certificates are available for redemption for 1 year after purchase.

Repairs and Restoration

    When your valuable works of art, photos, or documents become damaged extreme caution should be taken to help ensure the damage does not destroy the document. Though many types of documents cannot be fully restored to preloss condition, we can save a great deal and help minimize additional damage.

Lease Program

    Looking for art to furnish your office or commercial space, stage a home for sale, or just want to enjoy beautiful artwork with the flexibility to change it on a whim? “Lease It”. All About Art Gallery & Custom Framing will give you many options with our lease program. You can rent artwork, frames and mirrors on a three month schedule with unlimited renewal of this lease, and a fee of a small percentage of the value of the leased work. Be sure to ask about the details of this program, it is affordable and convenient.

Staging Services

    A service that combines our home consultations and hanging assistance, we offer home staging for open houses, business functions and the sale of homes. If you are looking for assistance making your space “Show Ready”, we’d love to help! We will handle a full range of aspects from the artwork to the format of a room and the accessories. Contact one of our Gallery Assistants for more information and to set your appointment today.