Ronald Baldwin

Ronald G. Baldwin’s creativity blossomed from an early age, but it took him time to realize how to use it for his career.

In 1970, Ronald painted his first piece of art which you can see here (to the left), and his high school art teacher entered the painting into a competition. It took first place in the Iowa State Art Show, but it wasn’t until over 30 years later that Ronald realized the importance of the painting and the blue ribbon.

Although Ronald’s entire life has been full of creativity, he didn’t begin to paint again until 1992. Once he began again, though, he realized that it was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Faux finishes and murals were what gave Ronald a living for a number of years while he developed his artwork. Ronald’s abstract originality and business sense later gave him the ability to bolster his clientele and focus solely on his artwork.

Now, you’ll rarely find him without a drawing book close by. If he doesn’t have a drawing book, he won’t hesitate to use a napkin or paper towel, anything that will allow his ingenuity to show.

If Ronald was ever asked to describe what he paints, he would say, “I paint visual life to music,” and through this website you have the opportunity to see how Ronald’s creativity is continuing to bloom. You also have the opportunity to contact him so you too can own a Ronald Baldwin masterpiece.

Private Collectors of Ronald’s work include the following: 
Marty Stuart, Country Musician; Dr. Robert Fisher, Belmont University President; Bo Thomas, Vice President of Belmont University; Juliard School of Music; Dr. David Snodgrass, Pediatric Dentist; Dr. Jody Jones, Smiles by Design; Jay and Allison Demarcus, Rascall Flatts; Phil Vassar, Country Musician; Dottie Frist, Sister of Bill Frist; Molly Anderson, designer, author, and writer for Nashville Styles; Martha Ingram, Chairman and CEO of Ingram Industries; Nashville Symphony; Dr. Spence Madell, Radiologist at Cookeville Hospital; Sherry Randolf, Nurse Practitioner; Dr. Brian Oslin, Plastic Surgeon; Mark Blum’s private collection at the Hilton Hotel and the Adelicia, a Nashville High Rise; Trace Atkins; Oprah Windfrey’s mother.

Recognized in various magazines such as Nashville Styles, House and Home, Atlanta 400 edition.

Featured in the Parade of Homes in Nashville, Hendersonville, Gallatin, Knoxville, along with others in Georgia and Florida.

Ronald thanks all the other many wonderful patrons who have honored him by purchasing his art work.


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