imagesKASHLEY is a mostly self-taught artist whose interest in painting began as a child where he first picked up a brush at age 12 exploring a summer painting class and continued to paint and draw throughout high school. While he was passionate about creating art, he decided at the time to follow a more traditional business career path. KASHLEY spent several years in the computer industry and eventually owned a small computer sales company. He later completed a degree in marketing from Georgia State University and after graduation returned to corporate America and worked as a commercial insurance broker. However, KASHLEY soon found his professional life unfulfilled and by late 2004 began searching for a creative outlet and a new path, which led him back to his artistic roots. He attended an acrylics and drawing class from the Atlanta College of Art and experimented with different themes and styles of painting. After a few months, Kashley created a portfolio and began marketing his artwork. With positive feedback he gained from this exposure, he refined his art and as a result his two styles of painting emerged and his art career soon took hold. KASHLEY lives in a suburb north of Atlanta and when he’s not painting, he enjoys spending time with his wife Crystal and their two pugs Rambo and Lilac.

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