Joel Knapp

CO_-Ft-Collins-101-Joel-Pai“I love to paint and share my blessings with you. I paint both plein air and in the studio. My wife and I love to travel and share our adventures with others through my paintings. I hope you enjoy what you see and experience.”

Joel uses lively color with oil paint in an impressionistic style to capture a feeling of time and place as he sees it. He is a painter in motion, restless to capture nature in all its moods and seasons. He is a devote plein air painter who feels that the essence of the place may only be captured by the artist experiencing it directly. He may be found traveling in his camper with easel and paints deployed in front of mountains, rivers, and landscapes of all types, and in cities painting sidewalk cafes and cityscapes both by daylight and streetlight.

Joel says of plein air painting, “It’s such an honest approach to see the light as it hits the scene. The wind in your face, flies in your paint and two hours to create a painting; one must paint fast and loose, go in with your feelings, but using your brain and experience to balance colors, to vibrate and sing, Hallelujah!”

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